Afraid scared difference
In many cases, they are interchangeable. These are all adjectives and express nearly the same degree of fear.

In both OP's example sentences there's no difference in meaning between fear and be afraid [of]. "Afraid" is also used to express polite regret. As adjectives the difference between afraid and scared is that afraid is impressed with fear or apprehension; in fear while scared is having fear; afraid, frightened. But you can't use 'scared' in the context given in my earlier reply. For an example, “She was afraid to use the metro” What is the difference “I’m afraid he can’t make it tonight” Furthermore, ‘afraid’ is an adjective that can also express reluctance that is evoked as a result of timidity or fear. She is afraid of cockroaches". Usage notes * (term) expresses a lesser degree of fear than (terrified) or (frightened). afraid / scared / frightened - position in clause Note that afraid is one of those adjectives that cannot normally be used before a noun, but instead is used after a verb . Unlike the the word "scared", afraid has a broader meaning. I have absolutely no idea why OP chose to offer the bizarre sentence I fear I have changed my gender, but I'm going to assume it's in the context of a conversation with a friend you haven't seen for a while, but was your same-sex pal.

"Afraid" can be simply mean "to be frightened". " I think there is no difference between AFRAID and SCARED in meaning and usage. ).

Although the words afraid, scared and frightened have similar meanings, the grammar is not the same. scaryとscaredの意味と使い方の違い 伝えたかった内容 怖かったので、電気をつけっぱなしにした 誤英語 I was scary so I kept turning on the lights.

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